Capello, attrezzature da raccolta forgiate per essere universali

For over half a century, Capello has been an international byword for Italian-made technology, for the design and manufacture of equipment specifically designed to harvest maize, wheat, barley, sorghum, rape, soya, sunflowers, fresh forage crops… no matter what your crop, our range has you covered.

All our brand’s headers are designed and built at our Cuneo headquarters, without exception. Here, they are forged to provide the best possible response to the demands of modern contractors and growers.

Capello, an international brand

Every single header is a powerhouse of technology, design flair and skilful execution, all of which comes from experience dating back to the dawn of agricultural mechanization. The ever-growing name we’ve earned ourselves on the international stage highlights the popularity of our headers outside Italy, too. This is due to the ease with which they can be adapted to all brands of combine harvester, and the fact that they can tackle different harvesting conditions, which are constantly changing from region to region due to varying climate, soil and agronomic practices.

Capello at the 73th national farm machinery show in Saluzzo, Italy

We decided to attend the 73th national farm machinery show held in Saluzzo, despite the exceptional circumstances that 2020 has thrown up, underlining the genuine, deep ties between Capello and the Cuneo region.

Capello, attrezzature da raccolta forgiate per essere universali

Here are some of the main items of equipment on display at the show:

Diamant is the latest generation maize harvesting header, whose main features — like the reinforced polyethylene hoods, and drives designed to withstand high power demands — have ushered in a new era and set the trend for the future of the harvesting sector.

Quasar is the maize header that Capello has been manufacturing since the year 2000, updated over the years to constantly deliver top results.

Grain System Evo è la folding header for cereal grains, its main qualities being harvesting versatility and flexibility. When folded, it meets the weight and size standards set out in the highway code, and ensures impressive visibility from the driver’s cab.

Spartan is the direct-cut header, that can be adapted to all self-propelled forage harvester models, and offers safe, reliable operation in all forage conditions — whether dealing with low, tall or laid crops — while also being an ideal implement for harvesting biomass crops.

Lastly Helianthus has been designed and built to harvest sunflowers, and is a very popular choice in Eastern countries due to the top performance that makes it one of a kind, like all Capello products.