CAPELLO in Russia per crescere ancora

CAPELLO visits CLAAS Russia.

On Tuesday 14 May, a CAPELLO delegation went to see the brand-new CLAAS plant in Krasnodar, in Russia’s Kuban region, known as the birthplace of the Cossacks. Here, in a show of positive business collaboration, Dr. Ralf Bendisch, the facility’s general manager, personally showed us every stage of the machining and assembly process in the futuristic factory, the jewel in CLAAS’s crown.

Alberto Capello, CAPELLO market strategy manager, was joined by Dr. Kuznetsov Eduard, member of parliament in charge of budget, finance and tax policy for the Krasnodar region. The CAPELLO delegation then met with acting director of the Krasnodar region’s Department of Industrial Policy, Mostovoi Vladimir, together with the head of the Department of Engineering of the Krasnodar region’s Ministry of Agriculture.

CAPELLO and CLAAS an enduring bond.

The invitation to visit the CLAAS plant was a welcome endorsement of our existing ties and was aimed at strengthening the longstanding business partnership between the two brands. As a matter of fact, CAPELLO has been supplying CLAAS with maize harvesting headers since 1997. Such a long-lasting relationship underlines the remarkable quality and competitiveness of our products which are simply a must-have for CLAAS as it tackles an ever-expanding Russian market associated with agricultural mechanization.

CAPELLO has been in the Soviet market since 2004, and we currently have an impressive network of distributors and dealers covering the region. The Kuban region, with its low hills and vast plain, is the biggest cereal producer in the country. And even across the immense country of Russia, CAPELLO, with its maize and sunflower harvesting headers, enjoys a reputation for high quality and reliability of its after-sales service and customer support.