Tecnologia 4.0 Capello Pro Connect

CAPELLO PRO CONNECT technology is our brand’s response to the demands of farming 4.0, of growers and contractors who need increasingly smart equipment capable of improving crop quality and farming sustainability.

Here at Capello — the leading name in cereal harvesting headers — our in-house R&D department has developed a 4.0 setup specially for our harvesting machinery.
CAPELLO PRO CONNECT gives you access to numerous government incentives with a 40% saving on the purchase price of the header and, at the same time, reintroduces the idea of responsible farming.
On that note, 4.0 technologies can be used to track work around farms with a high degree of accuracy, storing enough data to cater to the individual needs of each region.
CAPELLO PRO CONNECT takes you on a path to conscious farming that goes hand in hand with environmental welfare.

4.0 technology for harvesting headers

All our brand’s headers can be fitted with PRO CONNECT, which performs its functions independently from the combine harvester or self-propelled forage harvester.
Here are some of the main features that have established Capello 4.0 technology in the market:
√ remote control of the header
√ real-time geolocation with built-in GPS
√ notification of compulsory scheduled maintenance
√ continuous monitoring of equipment components during work
√ cloud storage of all work data via the relevant app
CAPELLO PRO CONNECT propels cereal harvesting headers into the digital farming age. It’s a tool helping you to take a decisive step towards a kind of farming that’s capable of incorporating technologies that support you in your business decision-making process, enhancing your position within the food supply chain.

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