Capello Spartan

Direct-cut header

Capello Spartan is our direct-cut header that can be applied to all self-propelled forage harvester models. Its main characteristic is a powerful and precise cut with all types of forage — both mid-height and tall crops — used for dairy cattle feeding. The header, designed and built at our Cuneo premises, features a strong, hard-wearing frame. Its cutter bar offers optimum performance even with the thickest, wettest crops. In addition, with its large-diameter intake auger, Spartan gives you a steady crop flow regardless of crop type, even in difficult conditions.

To take header efficiency to the next level, the vertical cutting blade option has been introduced. This makes it easier to cut intertwined crops, eliminating possible issues associated with the presence of weeds.

Capello Spartan: biogas

Spartan has also burst onto the biomass crop harvesting scene. The cutting header plays into this need by producing a fine, even product, which is great for improving biomass nitrogen production. Biomass is very much the focus of a new vision for farming, which plans to provide growers with the means to meet their own energy needs, and Spartan aims to improve the efficiency of this vision.

The video below shows how Capello Spartan takes even extreme conditions in its stride. The presence of weeds in amongst the various crops, or indeed laid crops, in no way affects the high quality of Spartan’s harvesting and resulting silage. The video clearly shows how the crop flow remains steady despite the not-always-ideal harvesting conditions in play.