The next step in the evolution of maize headers

Diamant caters comprehensively to the demands of contractors and farmers worldwide for efficiency, reliability, technology and safety in the field and on the road.
Diamant is the perfect complement to any combine harvester and self-propelled forage harvester in the market, and comes with different row spacing options, meeting individual user needs.

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Diamant - Capello World
Diamant - Capello World
Diamant - Capello World
Diamant - Capello World
Diamant - Capello World
Diamant - Capello World
Diamant - Capello World
Diamant - Capello World

Lightweight frame,
heavyweight technology

With the working position adjustment system, the header is always set at just the right angle to the ground.

Inspired by the shape of the levers that guide the struts as they fold – a shape reminiscent of a Horse Shoe – our designers have appropriately christened the frame the “HS series”.

But how can light weight possibly equal strength?

The DIAMANT frame is tangible proof that this paradox is possible. Its lines have been designed to make the structure light yet solid, perfectly sized to accommodate large flip-up headers. It can, of course, be used in conjunction with combine harvesters of any kind and you can adjust the working angle to meet your individual requirements.

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Diamant - Capello World

High-strength hoods

An exclusive, highly productive design

The new extra-strong polymer hoods mark another breakthrough in the story of CAPELLO headers. The sinuous design encourages smooth crop flow in any working conditions, making harvesting quick and easy and exceeding all expectations.

All hoods can be removed in a few easy steps and, most importantly, without the aid of spanners or other tools – using just your hands – for quick and convenient header cleaning.

Each hood incorporates a pair of replaceable side wear strips to keep the hood protected from damage.

Diamant - Capello World


Automatic point release system

To safely tackle the most demanding laid crop harvesting conditions — where the header has to be held as close to the ground as possible in order to proceed — we have designed an anti-shock system, namely an automatic divider point release system: following a knock, the system instantly releases the point, thus protecting it and the whole hood from damage and, as a result, avoiding the hassle of costly and time-consuming repairs to replace broken parts.

Diamant - Capello World

Easy handling and visibility

Great visibility on the road with machine folded

With DIAMANT, even on-road travel is a breeze.

One of the stand-out features of the CAPELLO headers — which has always been a common denominator in their evolution — is precisely the fact that they offer superior compactness for on-road travel: a distinguishing trait that makes for even easier handling and improved visibility from the cab.
The flip-up system, with no hydraulic cylinders exposed to view, is designed for easier header cleaning and improved visibility from the driver’s seat.

Diamant - Capello World

at its most perfect

Diamant’s beating heart is the row unit: a powerhouse of technology that encapsulates decades of in-the-field experience the world over. The dynamics of harvesting have been broken down and analysed step by step and each component has been painstakingly designed down to the very last detail.

A key feature unique to the Diamant row unit is the deck plate system with its synchronized simultaneous movement, thus ensuring the crop is always fed perpendicular to the snapping axis: what this means in real-life terms is no crop losses, as well as improved cleaning during harvesting, boosting the combine’s performance in the process. The deck plates can be adjusted without leaving the driver’s seat. So it’s the actual operators who draw on their experience to fine-tune the harvesting process, determining the correct deck plate gap for best results.

The cast aluminium box is lighter but stronger, while lubrication is optimized and constant: the state of the art in drive system technology.

With the new chain tensioner, bearings are protected with lifetime lubrication.

The unique torsion damper, specially created by Capello, ensures the drive shafts are protected from damage, cushioning torque spikes even under the most extreme conditions.

Designed with
integral stalk chopper

DIAMANT was created with the advanced horizontal stalk chopper integral to its design. A pioneer in the use of the horizontal stalk chopper, drawing on thirty years of experience, Capello has further refined the technology to deliver a cut closer to the ground and unrivalled silage quality.

In addition, its new location — on the left relative to the combine harvester’s forward direction — does away with the hassle of dealing with ventilation and radiator clogging problems as a result of the vortex of dust generated by the actual rotors.

DIAMANT also comes without the stalk chopper, which can be retrofitted simply enough without having to call in specialist technical help.

As with all CAPELLO headers, DIAMANT also gives you the option of disabling the rotor when it’s not required (in which case, the rotor is locked to avoid clogging while harvesting is in process).

The rotor is balanced, with protection of the die-forged steel screws.

Diamant - Capello World


Drive system

The gearboxes are made from aluminium alloy and given a special treatment to further enhance their strength and durability qualities.

Drive chains are completely isolated from the outside world, are lubricated constantly as they operate and are always tensioned exactly by virtue of the rocker chain tensioner, whose contribution varies depending on actual requirements, supporting the chain correctly even when motion is reversed.

The gearbox transmitting motion to the intake auger, again made from aluminium, incorporates a sealed oil-immersed floating torque limiter, which keeps the system constantly cleaned and lubricated.

Deck plate synchronism and precision during harvesting

The synchronized simultaneous movement of the deck plates is an exclusive feature of the DIAMANT headers. The plates actually both move and do so at the same time in a perfectly timed manner. All movements are synchronized to match crop requirements.

Stalk chopper

The advanced rotor stalk chopper smashes through the crop residue, promoting the rotting process.


There is a sunflower kit, which is quick and simple to install, allowing Diamant to accommodate sunflower harvesting operations.


Nothing is left to chance, not even the paintwork: all CAPELLO products are coated to the strictest ISO standards in electrostatic powder coating systems and pass the strictest testing.
Product quality is guaranteed by a company brand recognized worldwide for the reliability and performance of its products.




The new “Quick up” modular adapter is the only one of its kind and designed to meet every connection need, making it a breeze to hook up the maize header to self-propelled forage harvesters and combines respectively

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Technical specifications

Rigid 5 row3700-41003700-41001900-2000700-800
Rigid 6 row4500-49004500 – 49002300 – 2450700-800
Rigid 8 row5800-65005800 – 65002850 – 3150700-800
Rigid 10 row7100 – 81007100 – 81003500 – 3950700-800
Rigid 12 row8500 – 97008500 – 97004100 – 4650700-800
Flip-up 6 row4500 – 49003200 – 37002600 – 2850700-800
Flip-up 8 row5800 – 65003200 – 40003450 – 3650700-800
Flip-up 10 row7100 – 81003900 – 44004400 – 4600700-800
Flip-up 12 row8600 – 98004700 – 53005200 – 5450700-800

Specifications are not binding and are subject to change without notice.