Flip-up cutting platform

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Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World

Small on the road,
delivering big in the field

Reimagined with a modern twist, Grain System Evo is the next level in the tried-and-tested flip-up cutting platform that has been in production since 1997.

While still attachable to any kind of combine harvester (it comes in cutting widths up to 7 m), Grain System Evo is best in class for operator visibility, even during road travel.

Grain System EVO - Capello World

Maximum productivity,
minimum dimensions

With an even more extensive range, the new improved Grain System Evo cutting platforms, perfected down to the last detail, cater to the demands of today’s contractors.

The platform, approved for road travel, complies with the strict standards laid down by new road regulations, with both dimensions and weight falling within the set limits.

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Find out how the Grain System flip-up cutting platform works

Grain System EVO - Capello World

Ready in around 50 seconds

Exclusive flip-up system

Grain System Evo has been designed to harvest crops no matter what the condition, eliminating downtime involved in hitching and unhitching the trailers typically used with conventional platforms, with a resulting approx. 40% increase in productivity.

What’s more, with the exclusive flip-up system, it takes barely 50 seconds to switch Grain System Evo from the working configuration to a road-ready position.

Grain System EVO - Capello World

Small size

Light and compact

In the road travel position, the machine is the lightest and most compact of all folding implements currently in the market. Featuring a very low centre of gravity set back towards the combine’s front axle, it offers unrivalled visibility, and cantilevers out just 1.7 m.

Furthermore, in addition to helping increase driving stability, the lightweight design results in improved combine loading capacity.

Grain System EVO - Capello World
Grain System EVO - Capello World

Driver’s seat
control panel

Grain System Evo comes with an easy-to- mount control panel that allows you to operate the platform without leaving the cab.

Using just the combine’s original controls, the platform opens and closes automatically at the mere touch of a button.

Automatically engaged
cutting knife

A unique feature of Grain System Evo is the automatic cutting knife engagement system. While working, the knife operates as a single blade and is driven from just one side.

This feature, which is a typical trait of fixed bars, ensures that cutting is consistently even in all conditions.

Revamped intake auger
with retractable fingers

The location of the retractable fingers has been redesigned on the new Grain System Evo, which now has the fingers along its full length.

This innovation ensures that the intake flow is consistently steady and speeded up to keep up with the higher “work rates” of today’s combines.

Hydraulically oscillating
cutting deck

Created by Capello to prevent contact with the cab during folding, it can be used to optimize the cutter bar’s working angle to the ground, especially when working on hilly terrain.

levelling system

The platforms’ innovative levelling system allows them to “float” gently and reactively, preventing the bar from colliding with the ground.

Grain System EVO - Capello World

Rape harvesting blade kit

For harvesting rape and intertwined crops, there is a RAPE HARVESTING BLADE KIT (optional extra). The kit can be fitted on any GRAIN SYSTEM EVO model and, when flipped up, in no way impedes perfect driver visibility.

Cutting-edge coating system

Nothing is left to chance, not even the paintwork: all CAPELLO products are coated to the strictest ISO standards in electrostatic powder coating systems and pass the strictest testing.

Product quality is guaranteed by a company brand recognized worldwide for the reliability and performance of its products.

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Grain System Evo – Wheat

Grain System Evo – Rice

Grain System Evo – Rape

Technical specifications

Folding time (sec.)50′Auger diameter (mm)610
Reel diameter (mm)1040Hydraulic reel variable drive
Folded platform height1,82Folded platform overhang (m)1,78


TypeCutting width (m)On-road widthWeight (kg)
GS 5305,303,002150
GS 6005,903,302380
GS 6406,403,402480
GS 7007,003,702700

Specifications are not binding and are subject to change without notice.