QUASAR maize headers:
innovative by nature

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Quasar - Capello World
Quasar - Capello World
Quasar - Capello World
Quasar - Capello World
Quasar - Capello World
Quasar - Capello World
Quasar - Capello World
Quasar - Capello World
Quasar - Capello World
Quasar - Capello World

from hectare to hectare

Quasar maize headers are the result of a design that has been painstakingly developed, revised and fine-tuned year after year.

They have hectare upon hectare of excellent, quick and problem-free work under their belt. This has earned them the appreciation of contractors and made them the most productive machines in fields around the globe.

Quasar - Capello World

Rigid or flip-up?
The choice is yours

Quasar comes in a rigid version (from 4 to 18 rows) and flip-up version (from 5 to 16 rows).
Both versions offer the highest level of performance, even on the road: unbeatable compact design, excellent driving stability and great visibility.

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An innovative hood design
based on impressive experience

Strong yet light, impervious to the wear and tear of time, and rust proof.

The technopolymer used for the hoods and points has rightly earned a solid reputation for superiority in any situation.

The technopolymer hood encourages leaves and stalks to slip off even in the worst weather conditions and minimizes crop loss as it is specially designed to absorb knocks from the ears, softening the impact even at very high forward speeds.

Capello Quasar

Quasar comes into its own even under extreme conditions, for example when the crop is laid very flat and calls for a low profile, or when maize is already dry, at which point gentleness and flexibility become essential requirements.

Constant, even feeding

Points and hoods are fully adjustable and can be flipped up completely.
Points can be adjusted continuously by adjusting a simple lever locked by a screw.

The side auger (optional extra) is a device designed for harvesting laid maize.

The drive employs a gearbox with built-in continuously lubricated torque limiter.
Handy, reliable and lightweight due to its treated aluminium construction.

Quasar - Capello World

Capello quality

The first header with stalk chopper rotor

The snapping roller profile and row unit are the beating heart of this tireless machine. The stalk crushers (optional extra) protect tyres from stubble damage.

The highly tested and much copied horizontal rotor system, located beside the roller shaft, has always been a hallmark of the Capello headers.

The implement can even be ordered with the stalk chopper built into the cast gearbox. This ensures unrivalled work quality with minimum power consumption.

The stalk chopper can be engaged or disengaged at the turn of a lever.

Quasar - Capello World

Function and flexibility for every need

Suitable for any combine harvester and available with any row spacing — from 45 [cm] to over 100 [cm] — Quasar really does cater to every need. And if you decide to change combine, no problem: simply replace the rear flange coupling.

The drive system components, which are oversize and include a continuously lubricated gearbox, always work at their peak without faltering: reliability is the feature that has allowed Quasar to set the benchmark for maize headers.

harvesting kit

The first of its kind, Quasar converts to a sunflower attachment in just a few simple steps: efficient and affordable, the special additional kit (optional extra) actually takes just a few minutes to fit.

Quasar - Capello World

Cutting-edge coating system

Nothing is left to chance, not even the paintwork: all CAPELLO products are coated to the strictest ISO standards in electrostatic powder coating systems and pass the strictest testing.

Product quality is guaranteed by a company brand recognized worldwide for the reliability and performance of its products.




The new “Quick up” modular adapter is the only one of its kind and designed to meet every connection need, making it a breeze to hook up the maize header to self-propelled forage harvesters and combines respectively.

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Quasar – Harvesting 2022

Quasar – Maize silage

Technical specifications

MachineTypeN° of rowsMin. width (m)Max. width (m)Weight (kg)Row spacing (cm)
F4Rigid43,183,26121045 – 100
F5Rigid53,704,00149045 – 100
F6Rigid54,554,90175045 – 100
F8Rigid86,156,50223045 – 100
F12Rigid128,409,60365045 – 100
F16Rigid1645 – 100
F18Rigid1645 – 100
R5Flip-up52,503,90162045 – 100
R6Flip-up53,004,90205045 – 100
R8Flip-up83,206,50248045 – 100
R9Flip-up93,607,20282045 – 100
HS10Flip-up104,207,80313045 – 100
HS12Flip-up125,009,40450045 – 100
HS16Flip-up1645 – 100

Specifications are not binding and are subject to change without notice.