The new sunflower attachment

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Helianthus Pro - Capello World
Helianthus Pro - Capello World
Helianthus Pro - Capello World
Helianthus Pro - Capello World
Helianthus Pro - Capello World
Helianthus Pro - Capello World

Field-leading productivity

The new CAPELLO sunflower attachment HELIANTHUS PRO has been designed to maximize harvest yields, eliminating crop losses, courtesy of its numerous winning features.

  • It supports and feeds any combine harvester, even the latest, most powerful machines
  • It adapts to perfectly suit any ground and harvesting conditions
  • Various adjustments can be made during the harvesting process to achieve optimal results with any sunflower variety
  • It uses a row-independent harvesting system: this means that its overall dimensions determine the harvesting width without having to worry about row spacing
Helianthus Pro - Capello World


Gap between divider points

There is a retractable plate on each divider point for adjusting the gap between them — from 4 cm to 6.5 cm — to accommodate the size of the sunflower stalk and head.

Point shape

Divider points are shaped like a tray with raised edges to stop any of the crop being lost over the sides. Points are 1.6 m long, while their width can be adjusted in the 24 to 26.5 cm range.

Exclusive adjustment system

The exclusive adjustment system, which can be used to alter the gap between the divider points, is operated by loosening the adjustment screw (no tools required), so that part of the plate slides and can be positioned to suit harvest requirements.

Helianthus Pro - Capello World

Reel with reinforced blades

The reel features reinforced blades along its full length to make harvesting easier and even more efficient.

Given that harvesting speed with HELIANTHUS PRO can be up to 15 km/h, the gap between the reel and auger has been increased compared to all other sunflower attachments in the market. At this speed, while the harvested crop flow increases considerably, the increased gap between the reel and auger stops material building up and being lost, allowing for uninterrupted crop flow.

Reel and snapping
roller height

Hydraulic cylinder (1) changes reel height.

The speed of the snapping roller (2) is synchronized with the reel’s speed of rotation for perfect sunflower cutting.

Header capacity

HELIANTHUS PRO has a hydraulic guide to adjust the reel’s speed of rotation (1) and hydraulic cylinders to adjust its height (2).
This means header capacity can be adjusted while still leveraging its full potential based on the combine harvester’s settings, and ground and crop conditions.
The Schumacher cutting system is part of the header’s standard configuration (3).

Reel cover

The special reel cover gently bends the sunflower head, guiding it downwards to make it easier to harvest.

The angle of the reel cover is adjusted independently from the actual reel.

Helianthus Pro - Capello World

and feeding

The distance between the auger flights is reduced to feed the crop into the combine more quickly. The flighting is made from 5mm-thick reinforced steel.

The central part of the auger features removable fingers that help push the crop inside the combine. The number of fingers and their layout can be adjusted to suit individual work requirements.

Helianthus Pro - Capello World
Helianthus Pro - Capello World

Snapping roller

HELIANTHUS PRO comes with a snapping roller as standard, designed to ensure the sunflower head is cleanly cut away from the stalk. In special cases where part of the stalk is to be harvested together with the head, the snapping roller is easy to remove.

Helianthus Pro - Capello World

Drive shafts

To further boost the attachment’s reliability, power is transmitted by a reinforced fixed cardan shaft.
While in the field, the angle at which HELIANTHUS PRO works can be adjusted independently from the combine to avoid crop losses between the divider points.

Technical specifications

Helianthus Pro 5,75,76,31800
Helianthus Pro 7,57,58,02400
Helianthus Pro 9,49,49,92900
Helianthus Pro 1211,912,43500

Specifications are not binding and are subject to change without notice.