“Combines around the world” is the title of the cherished book sponsored and brought to fruition by Capello following more than four years of study and research.

During Italy’s 37th national agricultural machinery show held in Savigliano, in early 2018, the book was finally presented to the general public.

Combines around the world, the book

As the name suggests, the undisputed hero of the “Combines around the world” book is the combine harvester, a versatile machine that has revolutionized farming thanks to the inventiveness of designers and entrepreneurial flair of manufacturers. With an in-depth presentation of more than a hundred manufacturers from all across the globe who have played a part in the history of agricultural mechanization, the book reconstructs the machine’s technical journey and the often entangled and little-known fortunes of the various companies, in a continuous, gripping comparison between different worlds and agricultures. The book contains ample coverage of the various original and often surprising technical and design concepts, destined to rise to success or fade into oblivion. This Comprehensive and painstaking illustrated work is sure to thrill agricultural history buffs. At the same time, it provides an interesting read for anyone in any way involved in this industry.
The authors of this work are: Angelo Benedetti, a highly experienced manager called on, in 2000, to relaunch the longstanding Laverda brand. Albert Künstetter, an ardent combine harvester historian with intimate knowledge of the development of combine models around the globe. Lastly, Piergiorgio Laverda, a scholar of Italian artisan and industrial tradition.

Combines around the world and Capello headers

The word combine and the Capello name have become inseparable. Indeed, for over half a century, Capello has been designing and manufacturing cereal harvesting equipment, chosen by millions of professionals worldwide. Hence the company’s decision to reconstruct the history of a machine with which it has such strong ties. Wherever there’s maize, wheat and sunflowers, cereals of any kind and forage that need harvesting, Capello’s there with their sales network.

More than just a unique encyclopaedic work, then, the book is a passionate historical reconstruction, where the history of Capello merges with that of the Combine. In this video, Alberto Capello, Capello market strategy manager, gives his personal opinion on the creation of “Combines around the world.”


Where to buy

You can purchase the “Combines around the world” book via this link: Laverda archives

You can order the book in the original Italian “Mietitrebbie del mondo” or in the English version.