History - Capello World


Company is founded

Brothers Francesco and Renato Capello go into business repairing and selling farming equipment.

History - Capello World


The first Capello header

Launch of the first whole-crop header for harvesting maize. Snapping rollers are added to it in 1975, marking a turning point in the history of maize harvesting.

History - Capello World


Inroads in foreign markets

Capello enters the export market, selling to (in order): France, Greece, Spain and Germany.

History - Capello World


New premises

Capello's manufacturing plant moves to the current site of Via Valle Po 100 in Cuneo, former premises of Celdit, the largest cellulose factory in Italy during the nineteen forties.

History - Capello World


Radical innovation

Capello brings the horizontal stalk chopper to market for the first time. The company's special ability to listen to the needs of its customers will be the basis for all technological innovations.

History - Capello World


Folding headers

Introduction of the first folding 6-row unit. The machine's innovative features are maximum 3-metre width, enabling it to travel on the road, and the option of operating the header directly from the driver's seat.

History - Capello World


Strategic agreements

Agreement entered into with Claas-Caterpillar for exclusive supply of the first maize header system for the US market. Capello is now a brand recognized and valued all over the world.

History - Capello World


Grain System Evo

The Grain System Evo folding cereal header is brought to market. The new design revolutionizes the cereal header concept for good.

History - Capello World



Launch of Quasar maize header featuring technopolymer hoods, replacing the 944 Twin System series.

History - Capello World


Diamant comes to market

Launch of Diamant, the next step in the evolution of maize harvesting. Capello thus enjoys another breakthrough moment in the development of maize harvesting technology.

History - Capello World



Market launch of Spartan direct-cut header, designed and developed for forage harvesters.

History - Capello World


Launch of Helianthus

Capello product range expands with the addition of Helianthus, the front attachment for harvesting sunflowers.

History - Capello World


Capello USA

The CAPELLO brand reaches the US market in 2007 and, within the space of just five years, in collaboration with Worthington Agricultural Parts, opens CAPELLO USA, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in the heart of the famous "Corn Belt".

History - Capello World


Quasar folding 16-row unit

First folding 16-row Quasar headers are designed, manufactured and sold for the US market.

History - Capello World


Capello Russia

Ties with Russia are sealed with the creation of OOO Capello Rus, headquartered in Saratov, a city located on the middle course of the Volga River and surrounded by extensive sunflower and maize fields, and a major hub in the country's transport network.

History - Capello World


Capello Germany

Capello GmbH is established in Warstein to further strengthen the presence of the brand in Northern and Eastern Europe.

History - Capello World


Helianthus Pro

HELIANTHUS PRO — a new design devised for row-independent sunflower harvesting — is launched internationally.