Cookies Policy

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files which sites visited by users send to their terminals, and where they are stored to be re-transmitted to the same sites on subsequent visits. Cookies are used for different purposes, have different characteristics and may be used by both the owner of the site that you are visiting, as well as by third parties.

Below you will find all the information about cookies installed through this site and the information needed on how to manage your preferences with regard to them.

Cookies used by this site

The use of cookies on this site is part of the site owner’s Privacy Policy; for all required information go to the Visitor’s Privacy page on this website.

Technical Cookies
Cookies relating to activities that are strictly necessary to the functionality of the site and the service delivery.
Cookies relating to activities of saving your preferences and optimisation.
Cookies used to collect statistical information in aggregate and anonymised form.
All technical cookies do not require consent, therefore they are installed automatically on access to the site.

Third-party Cookies
This site makes use of “third-party” cookies designed to receive cookies sent from sites, or from various web servers, on your device in the course of navigation on a site (the storage of information taking place at third-party sites).

Complete List of third-party Privacy Policy cookies that are used:


Cookie Management

How to enable or disable cookies. If you do not know the type and version of web browser that you use to access the Internet, click on ‘?’ at the top of your browser window, and then click on ‘About’. The relevant information requested will be displayed.

Internet Explorer 
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Click on the option ‘Tools’ at the top of your browser window and select ‘Internet Options’, and then click on ‘Privacy’ tab. Make sure that the level of Privacy is set to Medium or lower, which then enables cookies in your browser. Settings above Medium disable cookies.

Google Chrome (latest version)
Click on the icon at the top right of the browser window and select ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Show advanced settings’ at the bottom and locate the section ‘Privacy’. Click on ‘Content settings’ and in the cookie section at the top, select ‘allow setting of local data’ to enable cookies. To disable cookies, please select the options ‘Prevent sites from setting any data’, ‘Block site data and third-party cookies’ and ‘Delete cookies and other site data and plug-in to the closing of the browser’.

Mozilla Firefox
Click on ‘Tools’ at the top of your browser window and select Options. Next, select the Privacy icon in the upper part of the overlay that is displayed. Select the option ‘Accept cookies from sites’ to enable cookies. If you wish to disable cookies, remove the checkmark from the box.

Click on the gear icon in the top right of your browser window and select ‘Preferences’. Click on the icon ‘Privacy’ in the upper part of the overlay that is displayed. Select the option ‘Block third-party cookies and advertising’. If you wish to completely disable cookies, select the check box ‘Never’.

Technical cookies are essential for the functionality of the site and cannot be disabled by using the functions of this web site.

All cookies other than the technical ones mentioned above, are installed or activated only upon the consent given by the user the first time that a site is visited.