Grain System Evo is the cutting platform designed, built and sold by Capello for harvesting ripe wheat and similar crops. Wheat harvesting has actually been part of our core business since 1997, alongside our company’s longstanding production of maize harvesting headers.

Maximum productivity minimum dimensions

Grain System’s foremost feature, one valued by contractors worldwide, is its ability to travel anywhere, including on public roads, once the header has been folded back on itself. Grain System features a very low centre of gravity set back towards the combine’s front axle, and offers unrivalled visibility. Furthermore, in addition to helping increase driving stability, the lightweight design results in improved combine loading capacity.

It takes just 50 seconds to open the header and start harvesting the crop, as soon as you enter the field, and another 50 seconds to fold it back up once the job’s done and move on to the next plot. So there is no downtime associated with the process of attaching and detaching conventional headers, with a resulting increase in output. Opening and closing is performed without leaving the cab, using the combine harvester’s original controls, with the simple press of a button.

Intake auger, steady feeding and good speed

Intake auger, steady feeding and good speed Grain System’s intake auger features retractable fingers along its full length. These ensure that the intake flow is consistently steady. Thus the Grain System header combines fast harvesting — which is essential for keeping up with and capitalizing on the work rates of the latest combine harvesters — with the uncommon ability to eliminate loss of such a delicate and precious crop as ripe wheat.

Intake auger video

Another unique feature of Grain System Evo is the automatic cutting knife engagement system. While working, the knife operates as a single blade and is driven from just one side This feature, which is a typical trait of fixed bars, ensures that cutting is consistently even in all harvesting conditions.

Hydraulically oscillating system

The header’s hydraulically oscillating system, the brainchild of our engineering department, serves an essential dual purpose. Firstly, it’s designed to allow the header to be flipped up without being in danger of colliding with the cab. Secondly, it can be used to ensure the cutter bar’s working angle to the ground is optimized to perfection. An ideal feature, especially if you find yourself harvesting on ground that isn’t flat.

As with all Capello products, nothing is left to chance, not even the paintwork: Grain System, too, is coated to the strictest ISO standards in electrostatic powder coating systems and passes the strictest testing, while product quality is guaranteed by a company brand recognized worldwide for the reliability and performance of its products.

The header comes in different cutting widths up to 7 metres, and can be adapted to any combine harvester model in the market.

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