Nuova trasmissione a ingranaggi per alte potenze Capello

New gearbox and drive assembly for maize headers

A new gearbox and drive assembly line for high-end maize headers has been developed by our in-house R&D department. Our Capello engineers have applied special parameters of a physical nature to materials developed by the aviation industry. Materials specifically designed to be heavy duty, with superior mechanical performance and long service life.

By applying a combination of these exclusive materials to a new field, namely harvesting machinery, the engineers have managed to achieve optimized mechanical performance and incredibly quiet running.

Detail of the new drive on Diamant

Designed for extra-large headers

The new gearbox and drive assembly is designed for 10- and 12-row headers, where the power involved becomes demanding. Diamant’s impressive power is transferred to the ground by an extremely efficient system.

Designed to withstand extreme power demands

Subjected to the most extreme power demands, the new gearbox and drive assembly passed the test with flying colours, ensuring the Capello headers maintained their proverbial performance. Even changing the gear ratio, which makes it quick and convenient to adjust Capello headers, is just as easy as before. Another breakthrough that’s sure to meet with the approval of contractors and users alike.

Download the PDF brochure of the new Diamant gearbox and drive assembly!