Quick Up, il convogliatore modulare Capello

Quick Up is our modular adapter designed to meet every maize header connection need, allowing you to hook it up to any machine, whether it be a self-propelled forage harvester or combine.

Quick Up: go from combine to forage harvester (and vice versa) in a matter of minutes.

With just a few minutes’ work, Quick Up allows you to connect the header being used with the combine (for harvesting maize grain) to your forage harvester (for harvesting and producing maize silage). Of course, the same goes for the inverse. Basically, this is how it works: let’s say you have Quick Up attached to the forage harvester; simply bring the machine up to the alla maize header that has just been used by the combine and, once hooked up, you can complete the connection safely by operating a simple lever.

Another distinctive trait of the equipment in question is the extra-large auger, a feature that sets this adapter apart from many others in the market. This auger not only delivers a steady crop flow, it’s also designed to feed the forage harvester correctly, making the most of its full potential.

Available configurations

Essentially, with Quick Up, contractors and growers are no longer forced to buy two maize headers — one with a hitch for connection to a combine harvester, the other with a hitch for connection to a forage harvester — and don’t even need to change the header’s hitch plate, which also happens to be a costly and time-consuming exercise, and not necessarily a successful one. So you might be wondering, how can Quick Up possibly be configured to suit all combine and forage harvesters in the market? The answer is simple: the adapter features a standardized central frame to suit all models, meaning it can be used to connect the maize header to different brands of combine and forage harvesters.

The current available configurations are given below:

Download the PDF brochure for Quick Up and contact us here for further information!