SAP Business One e Capello

SAP Business One and Capello have a strong, long-established relationship, highlighting our intention not to get stuck in the present, and instead keep marching forward towards new projects.

SAP Business One

Introducing SAP Business One (management software) as our ERP (enterprise resource planning) system has been a key process. SAP has helped us rationalize our manufacturing processes more and more, and has allowed all members of our team to express their individual preferences and talents to the full. This has culminated in the achievement of the highest standard of productivity.

The importance of planning

Bringing SAP Business One on board was not all plain sailing, especially when it came to work methods, which have been completely turned on their head in some sectors. Planning has proved to be of the essence. This has created a truly virtuous circle that has also got our sales apparatus involved. The sales departments are now required to work to market trend forecasts and set targets. Even our relationship with associates outside the company, providing semi-finished products or services, has changed. We now share real, up-to-date data on sales performance with them, bringing the start-of-year forecast in line with actual market trends as the months go by.

It’s an ongoing job, completely different from the traditional method of working to fill orders. Each Capello department has a series of specific indicators that show how work is progressing, efficiency and possible issues that might arise, all in real time. We can now predict issues like never before, getting out in front of problems and solving them before they become real issues.

This is just one manifestation of how strongly Capello believes in Industry 4.0. New production technologies — and SAP Business One is a case in point — are actually essential for businesses to improve working conditions, create new business models and increase productivity and production quality.

In the video below, Andrea Capello and Damiano Giolitti — Capello’s Head of Engineering &amp Product Development and Production Planning Manager respectively — describe SAP Business One’s introduction into the company.