Spartan 700 is the largest of the Capello direct-cut headers, upsized compared to the two models already in production (Spartan 520 and Spartan 610) and designed to meet the market demand for increasingly strong and powerful implements to keep pace with the evolution of self-propelled forage harvesters. Spartan 700 brought home the award for 2022 technical innovation of the year at the latest edition of Italy’s national agricultural machinery show held in Savigliano in March.

Spartan 700: 16 inline rotating discs and drive from just one side

Our R&D department has created the new Spartan 700 with 16 inline rotating discs and drive from just one side, for whole-crop harvesting and reduced field losses.

The new cutter bar has been designed and developed entirely in-house: both the bodywork and drive components are produced to a Capello design, and then there’s the assembly too, of course.

There are multiple advantages to developing a single cutter bar rather than using a number of cutter bars side by side: the resulting cut in the field is consistent and optimal; and crop flow towards the intake auger, and ultimately towards the forage harvester’s feeder, is steady and free flowing. Moreover, having the drive on just one side proves simpler and more efficient given the fewer parts required (cardan shafts, gearboxes, etc…). All these factors add up to improved header performance and productivity, while also making them lower maintenance.

The box driving the new Spartan 700 has also been completely re-engineered. The bearings have been replaced with higher-performance counterparts, while the housing (which has also been produced in-house) has been upsized to contain more oil and deliver greater reliability for tougher, extended jobs.

Extra-large auger

The new model, designed to be hitched to the latest self-propelled forage harvesters, has a large-diameter intake auger that, courtesy of a simple, functional oscillating system, gives you a steady crop flow at all times regardless of crop type, even in difficult conditions.

Continuous constant feeding

The cutting disc surfaces, with their special tapered profile, along with the intake auger speed, have been specifically designed so that forage is conveyed gently and evenly into the feeder house. This ensures a steady flow and reduces power demand, even when dealing with laid crops.

The auger’s wear parts are interchangeable and made from high-strength material, specially chosen to deal with considerable prolonged abrasion, while the quick-change knives drastically reduce replacement time, with no tools required.

With the built-in gearbox (standard issue on all machines), the auger feed rate and crop cutting length can be changed at the same time by simply shifting gear.

Suitable for harvesting biogas feedstock crops

In addition to being particularly well suited to harvesting forage – both mid-height and tall crops – to be used as dairy cattle feed, Spartan 700 also lends itself to the harvesting of feedstock crops for producing biogas as it provides a homogeneous product, which is great for improving biomass nitrogen production.