Spartan, adattabilità ad ogni situazione

Spartan, which comes in two versions 520 cm and 610 cm, is designed to adapt effortlessly to different harvesting situations.

In the video at the bottom of the page, the Spartan direct-cut header is being used with a John Deere 8800i forage harvester to produce feedstock for a biomass power plant.

Spartan finds itself operating in less-than-ideal conditions. The crop has been thrashed by the elements. Strong spring storms and wind downed the crop just before it was ready for harvest. To make matters worse, the land on which it is to be harvested is sodden, making it a borderline no-go for the John Deere forage harvester. In addition, the field to be harvested is on a hillside, meaning the ground is undulating and uneven, with gullies cut into it by all the rain, not least because the soil is so crumbly here.

The images show how Spartan manages to overcome all these challenges, which would generally make harvesting quite a mission. Despite the crop being wet, Spartan produces extremely fine silage, with the enormous amount of material seen pouring into the trailers clearly attesting to the steady, even flow produced, and we can also see the trailers barely keeping up with the pace of the Spartan-JohnDeere combo.

Spartan thus shows its worth as one of the most comprehensive direct-cut headers in the industry. Harvesting speed doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the quality of the end product, and this one of the header’s key traits. This means contractors can speed up the work process, and present the end customer with a top-quality product, regardless of ground conditions and crop type.

Fast cutting, adaptability to environmental conditions and different crops, and the ability to work in perfect symbiosis with any self-propelled forage harvester model… these are just some of the qualities that are evident in the video below.

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